Camilla Ahlqvist is a Holistic Chef and Yoga teacher from New York City currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition to teaching Yoga, she teaches The Practice, a full-body movement class that enables you to access your deepest self. Camilla also offers enriching cooking classes, pop-up dinners and workshops, with a focus on fresh, vibrant, International cuisine. She has a strong interest and focus on childhood nutrition. She also curates and hosts The Practice Retreats in NYC, sharing what she loves the most about NYC and the wellness scene there. 

Camilla is a retired Creative Services Director from Conde Nast, where she worked at Allure, Architectural Digest, Gourmet Magazine, Teen Vogue, and with countless other high-end brands. After 15 years in the industry, Yoga and culinary endevours revealed themselves to be her true path. Once she started to tune in to her own inner voice and began the uphill quest to find out what her true purpose is, she realized that the groundwork had been laid bare all along.



This interest in health, well-being, spirituality and medicine were marked all along, as if sign posts along a road: She grew up in Thailand and experienced acupuncture and Eastern healing modalities at a young age to aid her severe asthma. Her mother and grandmother were healers. She survived Breast Cancer at the young age of 27. Lost both of her parents by the age of 34. She is married to a tall Swede and is the mother of two adorable little boys.

These life experience primed her to be present and in service to others, who are struggling and desire a new path for themselves. Life is challenging. Showing up takes practice. Camilla will help to guide you and hold space for you so that you may start practicing. Your greatest teacher is within, but sometimes we need guidance and assurances to tap into that voice. Hopefully visiting here today opens up some opportunities to practice, to connect and to be present with yourself.  We welcome you.




LINEAGE/CREDENTIALS:                                                                                                         INSPIRING HEALING MODALITIES & TEACHERS:              
YogaWorks certified yoga and movement educator RYT200 (NYC)                                          The Class by Taryn Toomey
Culinary Nutrition, The Natural Gourmet Institute (NYC)                                                            Inten-sati by Patricia Moreno
Masters in Early European Art History, Christies (London)                                                        Tantric Hatha Yoga with Kevin Courtney
Bachelors, Bucknell University (Pennsylvania)                                                                          YogaWorks: Chrissy Carter & Caroline Smith